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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 13 - Sunday

          Today I went with Christian to the pool at the top of Peralta… it was really tiny, and really dirty! Haha but I went in anyways. There were tons of kids and lots of splashing, but fun because they were so excited that I was playing with them. There was also a girl there who spoke english. She told me that she lives in NYC and that her family used to live in Peralta, so in the summer they come back to vacation. The other American girls who are here with some program came and hung out for a little. The pool is like a place people go to hang out because there is a bar and dance floor there too. Around the pool are tables and chairs to sit in, and drinks and food is served. Pretty cool for Peralta. We came back on his motorcycle, which is tons of fun, to shower before church. Alysa, who is somewhat of an intern with the pastor, gave the sermon tonight. She told me she would speak slowly so that I might understand some of it, but I still didn’t. During the service Nata came in and surprised me, because he wasn’t supossed to be home until next week! Afterwards we went to the basketball came with everyone. Camboya won!
Christian and I
Anna, Kassidy, Christian and I

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