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I decided to create this blog so that I could update you and share my experiences each day. I will try my best to post at least once each day. Please comment on my posts, because I would love to hear from you! Thank you so very much for all your love and support <3

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 3 - July 7th

Today was really cool because I got to spend the day talking with several different people, and had nice time spent with each of them. I got to spend the morning with Nelson, a member of the church who is 30 years old. His life is very sad, because he lost both of his parents at a young age, and has many younger brothers and sisters. However, he still has a love for others and the Lord like I have never before seen in someone. We had breakfast together and talked a bit, and I almost cried when I saw that he was wearing my shoes I had left over spring break! It made me so happy that what I left in Peralta went to such good use! When I went over to the pastor’s house, Eudocia (the pastor’s wife) and I spoke a lot while I ate lunch. She told me about how women in Peralta get married extremely young, and that she married Francisco when she was 18 years old. She also told me that women marry older men (the pastor is eight years older than she is). We talked about the clothing I brought to donate and how she will teach me one day to make the hot chocolate they drink. In the afternoon I spent a lot of time talking with Jacques, a man who actually speaks quite a bit of English. We practiced talking together, and I exchanged information with him. It was nice to help someone with English while he helped me with Spanish. He told me that he actually lives in Santo Domingo, and is only in Peralta for a few days. After he left I went on an outing with Wendy to another part of Peralta. She is in charge of a ministry through the church that has different branches, where women have school in the summer for young kids. It is similar to a vacation bible school, but they also learn basic things, such as the days of the week and the months of the year. It was a lot of fun to see how devoted she is to the church and the passion she has for this ministry. I came back to the pastor’s house and had dinner with Franchellis, then went back to Wendy’s and went to sleep for the night!
                Prayer Requests:
                * I would seek ways to serve the people here and offer them anything I can give
               * That I would continue to grow in my relationships here

Zedekias, Franchellis, Me, and Luciana (Daniella's little sister)

Johnny and I

Eudocia (the pastor's wife) and I
p.s. she's the coolest!

Wendy and I on the way to the meetings in a
makeshift taxi bus thing



  1. kara, it looks like your having alot of fun, learning alot, and helping! i miss you so much, keep posting pictures! love youu ....fyi sorry it says aunt kelli. thats from linds blog!

  2. Kara
    Looks like you are having an amazing experiencing and have already learned lots and touched lives. You are being an awesome blessing in the lives of the people you are spending time with and it sounds like you are learning lots about the culture!!! You should save all your pictures and make a scrapbook when you get home!!! I can help you or give me the pictures and I will do it for you!! Love you Aunt "Barbie"

  3. Hi Kara,
    Looks like you have gotten deeply involved very quickly. That is awesome!! Thanks for your daily updates. I feel like we are there with you and that makes it really special. Enjoy all you are doing!
    Uncle Dick